Teaching Philosophy

Your past and present are paving your future. As a teacher, I always think: How can I ensure I am fulfilling my role as a teacher? How can you assume the responsibility of educating today's students who will become tomorrow's leaders?

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21st Century Teacher's Toolbox

All teachers have their very meticulously chosen toolbox. In this ever changing digital era, teachers need to constantly keep up with all new EdTech tools that could make the learning experience both effective and engaging.

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Support a Cause

A teacher's ultimate goal isn't to have a covered curriculum at the end of the year. We are promoters of values and proactivity. In this space, I will be sharing causes to support around the world to become global citizens advocating inclusive education for everyone.

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Welcome to The Journey of a Nomad Teacher
I would like to take you through the main milestones in my life and would like to invite you to go through the below media. For more info visit the page About Me.