Insights – Tech Session # 2

Another fascinating class with a whole lot of tech tips and tools.

I am glad to know that many of the mentioned tools and tips, I was somehow acquainted with even if I didn’t necessarily use it. However, there were another bunch of really interesting ones which I share below:

The theme of this session was about terminologies related to using the internet along with a list of cloud-based tools that would be of great benefit for any teacher. – a short movie maker by which you can create videos in no time. All needed is a list of ideas in bullet points and choose a template and voilà! (Will posting a separate post about it.)

ytCropper – an online tool for cropping a video – ideal when you want to it a specific part rather than sending a long video and ask students to watch from x min to x min. While many of us might have known how to download a youtube video in mp3 or mp4, the idea of cropping a video was quite revolutionary for me.

VideoAnt – an online tool to annotate videos at different parts of it. Ideal for highlighting themes in a video but could also be used for correcting/commenting on a recorded video done by a student.

TED-Ed – Not just data base of educational videos but also has a video editing tool to create an interactive lesson out of a video – although this tool seemed to me at first very similar to other tools, however I really liked how it is more a mean of instruction and rather than an assessment tool like Edpuzzle for instance.

Fabricus – really excited to try to encode messages in Hieroglyphics.

DownSub –  converting video into text.

As I try to focus on a small number of tools in order to make it easier for me to experiment them, I choose those 5 tools and very soon I will be posting individual EdTech posts.


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