EdTech Tool # 11 – Flippity

Flippity is a website with which you can create interactive educational activities all via a google spreadsheet.

There is a number of interesting activities that could be utilized. I have chosen only a few I found really interesting and would like to showcase:

1- Random name picker:

Just follow the simple steps you get your random name picker in no time. This could also be used for any random choice you are trying to make with your students during class. It will engage students and give them a sense of surprise.

2- Matching game

Again through the editable google spreadsheet you can input any text associated with a definition or an image.

The words can be read in multiple languages but not all languages (unfortunately no Arabic).

You can set a timer for the game, and choose the number of time you would like the word to be read once flipped, choice to mute or unmute the reading audio of the text under each card.

You may try this matching game of colors in French.

3- Timeline:

This tool is a really simple and neat way of making a nice linear timeline that is interactive and rich in media.

This reminds me of KnightLabTimeline which also uses a spreadsheet to generate a timeline, but this one is a much simpler version of it.

These are the samples offered on the website: Just simple variables as shown below would allow you to add as many rows as needed to illustrate the progression in time of any topic, notion or biography.

Year Month Day Headline Description Color Media Media Credit Link

Those are just 3 activities I chose to share but there are many others to explore.

Overall here is my opinion on this website as a whole:


  • Easy to use
  • Edited in no time
  • All web generated no space taken on your computer
  • Supports any languages since its a spreadsheet


  • Requires internet to be used
  • Requires a google account in essence but if you don’t they offer you a service of generating some of their tools directly form their website.
  • audio option option only supports a limited number of languages.

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