EdTech Tool # 9 – Rocketbook

This product is revolutionary in notes-taking.

This reusable notebook allows you to endless write and rewrite text or drawings and keep them in a cloud without having to keep endless amount of paper. This is great for people who like to scribble on paper and write notes whenever they come up with an idea. This tool help you check a digital copy of all your writing,

All you need to do is:

1-Download the app

2-Scan the book

3-Assign a location for it to be sent on by ticking on any of the icons showing at the bottom of the page – each icon linked to a different location you set yourself, could be your email, or a certain cloud, or any other platform you set.

4-And SEND!

You may try this product by printing their templates offered on their website for free.

Here’s a sample of how it scans the page. You might think it is similar to any scanning app on your phone but unlike those apps where you have to reset the exact frame of the page or space you want to scan, this sheet/notebook has its borders automatically detected by the app

Another similar tool offered by the same company is the Rocketbook Beacons. I personaly think those would be really practical for teachers writing on regular whiteboard and would like capture those notes you write during a brainstorming session. All you need to do is place the four corners around the space you want to capture.


This product is available on Amazon and is relatively cheap.


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