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Children Are Out-of-School Globally

In an attempt to be socially responsible and represent the Global citizen we preach in our classes, teachers around the world should aim at making education accessible to everyone and everywhere. We should work hand in hand in order to alleviate the barriers to education access for refugees children.

I would like to introduce this initiative ALIIM to support Refugee Education Crisis in Syria and Lebanon:

“ALIIM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, headquartered in New York City. Aliim leverages technology and mentorship to provide greater access to safe, quality, and relevant educational opportunities for refugees and marginalized youth affected by conflict or living in post-conflict settings.”

There is also an extensive list of over 600 distance learning solutions from the United Nations agency for refugees – UNHCR.  This list can be filtered by level, Area (STEM, Literacy, or other), and by language. Yellow indicates content directly by the UNHCR  and used in low-resource contexts.

UNHCR Digital Learning Resources List